Visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack

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  • Jul 29, 2021

This season 7 week 8 epic quest requires you to visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack.

You will need to visit all 3 locations but luckily you don't need to do this in a single game as the locations you need to visit are spread out across the island.

Although I do have a strategy for you if you do want to complete this quest in a single match.

You will need to land at Camp Cod and land directly on the UFO that is parked right outside the main building. Don't bother trying to scavenge for loot as you do not want to waste any time.

Once in the UFO go to Base Camp Golf first as it is the closest location. Next head to the Unremarkable Shack and remember to use the UFOs boost to get you there faster. Lastly head to Coral Cove that is not too far from the Unremarkable Shack.

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Progression Rewards
1 30000xp

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