Complete Bounties from Bounty Boards

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  • Jul 29, 2021

This season 7 week 8 epic quest requires you to complete Bounties from Bounty Boards.

Bounties and bounty boards are a feature that have been in the game for a few seasons now. When you get a bounty you will see an approximate location on your map that is represented by a big gold circle. If you are the bounty being hunted you will see a gauge showing how close the bounty hunter is to you.

Bounties can be completed by you or a member of your squad eliminating the bounty target or if the bounty target is eliminated by another other means. This could be another player, animal, NPC or fall damage.

This quest only requires completed bounties so I would suggest landing at a bounty board and picking up and bounty at the beginning of each game. This gives you the most chance of the bounty being completed.

See the map below for all thee bounty board locations. Bounty boards are the only means of getting a bounty. NPCs do not offer them this season.

bounty boards locations map

Map credit to

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Progression Rewards
3 30000xp

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