Defeat Riot

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  • Jul 21, 2021

This season 7 week 7 epic quest requires you to defeat riot.

Riot is a hostile NPC that can be found at Yellow Steel Bridge. Yellow Steel Bridge is located along the road that connects Misty Meadows with Catty Corner. Riot isn't a hard NPC to defeat as long as you keep your distance.

You can drop close to Yellow Steel Bridge from the battle bus and go to the destroyed house down the hill by the lake to gear up as there is always at least one chest and some floor loot there. I also find a good strategy is to get the gas can by the nearby bus stop and throw it near to Riot to do some explosive and fire damage.

The quest will unlock as soon as you defeat Riot and he will drop an epic assault rifle. You will also be able to speak to him to get a quest and also buy the Storm Scout Sniper rifle.

See the map below for Riots exact location.

riot location map

Map credit to

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Progression Rewards
1 30000xp

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