Deal damage with IO or Alien weapons

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  • Jul 08, 2021

This season 7 week 5 epic quest requires you to do 500 damage with IO or alien weapons.

Lets first discuss the best places to acquire an IO or alien weapon. The most likely place you will find an IO weapon is from an IO chest. These have consistent spawns at satelite stations and Corny Complex. Alien weapons can be found when shooting down a UFO flown by a trespasser and then eliminating the trespasser.

There are 2 easy strategies to get this quest.

The first is using the Team Rumble game mode. You respawn in this game mode and keep your weapons when you are eliminated so you can find an IO or alien weapon early in the game and keep it until the end. You will have plenty of opportunities to deal damage as the later storm circles are small and the team size is large.

The second is to jump into a solo, duos, trios or squads game mode and head to Destined Dish. Destined Dish is the satelite station at the south end of the map. It's the satelite station near Misty Meadows. When you get there search all the IO chests and pick up any IO weapons you find. When you have weapons travel just to the south and you will come to Yellow Steel Bridge where there is Riot. Riot is a hostile NPC and damage against him will count towards this quest. He has enough health to unlock this quest if you only use your IO weapons.

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Progression Rewards
500 30000xp

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