Damage an alien-driven Saucer

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  • Jul 14, 2021

This season 7 week 6 legendary quest requires you to deal damage to an alien-driven saucer.

This is a similar quest to an epic quest last week but this requires much less damage to complete, only 25 damage. This can bee completed with only 2 shots from a common assault rifle.

Alien-driven saucers only appear at 3 locations per game but you will know the locations because the names will be purple instead of white. Jump out the battle bus and head to any of those locations and grab any ranged weapons. Assault rifles work best but considering the amount of damage you have to do is tiny a submachine gun will also work. Once you have a weapon, fire a few shots into one of the alien-driven saucers and the quest will unlock.

Check out the video guide below to see how its done!

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Progression Rewards
25 30000xp

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